Parent Support


Parent Workshops

We will be offering workshops for parents addressing various topics:

 - What can I do to help my child's reading?

 - What should I know about math now compared to when I was in school?

 - What can I do to help my child's study habits?

 - How much should my child use electronics for "educational" purposes?

 - What do I need to know about the transition to high school? To college?

For more information, to schedule a group workshop, or to give us feedback or new ideas, contact us! Call 252-756-7000 or email


Friendly Advice

Raising kids is complicated, and it takes a village to raise a child. Fear lives in the shadows, which is why it is important to share our fears and circumstances with each other.  

Every child and every situation is unique, but if we connect with each other, we can help each other through, and help our children to thrive.  Some questions we can answer directly, and some issues are best addressed by matching up people who have already walked a similar path.  

Other Resources



North Carolinians for home education. Great information and resources on this site.



Home Educators Organized for Ministry and Encouragement. More great information and links.


This website has tons of resources and recommendations. 

Grace-Life Co-op


This group meets weekly to fellowship and meet for home school classes.  



The Eastern Association of Christian Homeschoolers. Christian Home school group out of Washington, NC

Classical Conversations


Classical Conversations groups are a popular way for home school parents to fellowship and learn together.  If you are interested in groups near you, speak to Rob or Shannon Blackwell.